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Extreme Ice Swimming World Record

Daniel’s third Guinness World Record is an awe-inspiring story of extreme swimming at heights most would never dare to venture. This record isn’t just about ice swimming in cold water; it’s about setting the highest swimming record in one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth. It’s a narrative that redefines the limits of human endurance and the spirit of adventure.

The setting for The Highest Swim is nothing short of breathtaking. Imagine an ice covered body of water perched high in the mountains, where the air is thin, and the surroundings are stark yet stunning. Here, in the thin, cold air, Daniel embarked on a swim unlike any other, first discovering and then swimming in the highest lake on Earth, near the summit of the world’s highest volcano, Ojos del Salado. This extreme swimming challenge wasn’t just a physical test; it was a venture into the unknown, pushing the boundaries of what’s considered possible in the world of ice swimming.

Swimming at such an altitude, where oxygen is scarce and the temperatures are sub-zero, is a feat that goes beyond the conventional understanding of swimming. It’s about endurance, not just of the body, but of the mind. This highest swimming record is more than a measure of distance or depth; it’s a testament to human resilience in the face of extreme conditions.

Extreme Ice Swimming World Record by Daniel Bull | UNSTOPPABULL

Daniel during his ice swimming world record at altitudes never before attempted



Daniel’s achievement in this highest altitude swim is a monumental one. It showcases his unwavering determination and adventurous spirit. Ice swimming at such altitudes is a rare and daunting challenge, one that has never before been attempted, let alone conquered. By achieving this, Daniel has not only set a world record but also redefined the standards of extreme swimming.

For those inspired by Daniel’s journey, this record is a stirring reminder of the incredible capabilities of the human spirit. It shows that with courage, preparation, and an unyielding and unstoppable drive, we can dive into the icy waters of our challenges and emerge victorious.

The Highest Swim World Record by Daniel Bull | UNSTOPPABULL

Daniel pushing the limits while making the first ice swim in the highest lake on Earth

3x World Records, 3x Featured in the Guinness World Records book

Having achieved his childhood dream of standing on top of the world, Daniel decided not to make climbing Everest the greatest thing he would ever do. And indeed, he hasn’t stopped there, going on to break numerous world records.