Being Unstoppabull

Being Unstoppabull

Believing that no ambition is too high, Daniel Bull relentlessly chases his passion for heights. He offers his unique perspective on how everyone can challenge themselves, embrace risk and unleash untapped potential.

Daniel believes that with courage, preparation & determination,


Being UNSTOPPABULL is about living with a purpose, pushing fear aside and living the life you want to live. It’s about embracing challenges, overcoming fear and working towards becoming the best you can be – in life and in business.

Regardless of our abilities and life experiences, we all have some barriers in our lives; obstacles are all around us. They want to knock us flat on our backs and keep us from being our best. But inside all of us is the power and ability to push through seemingly insurmountable odds.

Daniel Bull

Nicknamed ‘UNSTOPPABULL’ by his sisters, Daniel has an unrelenting desire to push limits and test the boundaries of what is possible – facing his fears head on, he’s overcome debilitating childhood asthma to thrive in the thin air and extreme cold of high altitude, as he demonstrates first hand that Anything is Possible, and demonstrates how everyone can Make the Impossible, Possible.

Despite suffering chronic childhood asthma and Raynaud’s phenomenon, Daniel has dedicated almost half his life to pushing his mind and body to the limits He has battled extreme altitudes, hypothermia and numerous near-death experiences.

Daniel continues to take record-breaking to new heights, literally.

He makes history with his latest record-breaking attempt: ‘The Highest Swim.’

Daniel empowers people from all walks of life and abilities to develop an Unstoppabull Mindset. He encourages and inspires people to attack challenges head on, problem solve, build winning teams, overcome obstacles, move past setbacks, live a life of purpose and contribute your best to your relationships, workplace, community and the world.

In between death-defying accomplishments at high altitude, Daniel inspires audiences from C-suite corporates through to school children, with his experiences and learnings as a 3x World Record-Breaking extreme adventurer.

Live an UNSTOPPABULL life.


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