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3 x World Records, 3 x Featured in the Guinness World Records Book

For many, Everest is the ultimate goal. For Daniel Bull, it was just the beginning. Having achieved his childhood dream of standing on top of the world, Daniel decided not to make climbing Everest the greatest thing he would ever do. And indeed, he hasn’t stopped there, going on to break numerous World Records.

World Records

January 4, 2020

The Highest Swim – New World Record

The highest Swim Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Daniel swam in the highest lake on Earth in the Andes, South America, to break the world record – Altitude: 6,400 m | 21,000 ft

March 7, 2018

The Highest Kayak – World Record

The Highest Kayak Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Daniel kayaked in one of the highest lakes on Earth in the Andes, South America, to break the world record – Altitude: 5,707 m | 18,723 ft

May 7, 2017

Youngest Climbing – World Record

highest climb Daniel Bull Motivational Speakers Melbourne

Daniel became the youngest person in the world to climb the Seven Summits and the Volcanic Seven Summits, including Mt Everest – Altitude: 8,850 m | 29,030 ft

January 14, 2017

Mt Sidley, Antarctica – National Record: First

Daniel Bull Keynote Speakers Australia

Daniel became one of only a handful of people to summit the highest volcano in Antarctica, Mt Sidley – Altitude: 4,285 m | 14,058 ft

April 13, 2015

First Ascents in Greenland – World First

First ascents in greenland daniel bull

Daniel is the first person to step foot on numerous unclimbed, unnamed peaks in northern Greenland

March 13, 2015

North Face of the Eiger – National Record: Youngest

Youngest national record climbing mountain

Daniel ascended the North Face of the Eiger, known as ‘Murder Wall’ – Altitude: 3,967 m | 13,015 ft

November 6, 2004

Mt Ama Dablam, Nepal – National Record: Youngest

Youngest National Record Mountain Climb

Daniel climbed ‘the unclimbable’ Mt Ama Dablam in the Himalayas – Altitude: 6,812 m | 22,349 ft

Despite suffering chronic childhood asthma and Raynaud’s phenomenon, Daniel has dedicated almost half his life to pushing his mind and body to the limits, battling extreme altitudes, frostbite and near-death experiences, in the pursuit of his passions.

As one of the elite few Australian mountain climbers who specialise in high altitude, Daniel continues to take record-breaking to new heights, literally, as he makes history with his latest record-breaking attempt: ‘The Highest Swim’.

In between death-defying accomplishments at high altitude Daniel inspires audiences, from C-suite corporates through to school children, with his experiences and learnings as a world renowned Adventure Speaker and 3 x World Record-Breaking extreme adventurer.

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