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The Highest Kayaking World Record

Daniel’s second Guinness World Record is a thrilling tale of extreme kayaking in waters so cold they are deadly, set in the most unexpected of places. This record isn’t just about paddling through frozen waters; it’s about where he did it – at the highest altitude ever recorded for kayaking. This feat takes the concept of ‘extreme’ to new heights, quite literally.

His journey to this highest altitude kayaking adventure was far from ordinary. Imagine kayaking where the air is thin, and the landscape is dominated by snow and ice rather than rivers and lakes. This wasn’t just a test of kayaking skills; it was an extraordinary challenge of human endurance and resilience. It’s a scenario that might seem unimaginable to most, but for Daniel, it was the perfect setting for breaking a world record.

This record was set on the side of Ojos del Salado in Chile, the highest volcano on Earth. Here, at an altitude that would leave many gasping for air, Daniel first had to drag his craft up the volcano, before breaking through the ice and paddling in the icy waters. It’s a setting where every paddle stroke became a battle against the elements, and every moment was a mix of awe at the surreal beauty and a test against the limits. 

The Highest Kayaking World Record by Daniel Bull | UNSTOPPABULL

Daniel during his second World Record kayaking in waters so cold they are deadly



Daniel’s achievement is not just about the record itself. It’s a story of how far passion and determination can take you. Extreme kayaking at such high altitudes is a niche within a niche, a realm where few dare to venture. By conquering this challenge, Daniel proved that the spirit of adventure could lead us to achieve the seemingly impossible.

So, what does this record mean for the rest of us? It’s a testament to the human spirit’s capability to explore and redefine the limits of adventure sports. Daniel’s highest altitude kayaking record is an inspiration, showing that with courage and perseverance, we can paddle through the uncharted waters of our own challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem. It’s a reminder that sometimes, to achieve the extraordinary, you have to be willing to go where few have paddled before.

Extreme Kayaking, Highest Kayaking by Daniel Bull | UNSTOPPABULL

Daniel dragged and paddled his kayak where few have been before

3x World Records, 3x Featured in the Guinness World Records book

Having achieved his childhood dream of standing on top of the world, Daniel decided not to make climbing Everest the greatest thing he would ever do. And indeed, he hasn’t stopped there, going on to break numerous world records.