World record-breaking adventurer and international motivational speaker, Daniel Bull, awakens and inspires people from all walks of life with his passion and authentic presence, and engages with his spectacular footage and riveting stories. More than just another incredible life story, Daniel’s proven strategies empower leaders and teams to dream big, defy limits and grasp future opportunities.




As a highly sought-after motivational speaker, Daniel Bull has a reputation of triggering a memorable and transformational impact. With three world records under his belt and more than two decades of experience not just surviving but thriving in the harshest environments on Earth, Daniel challenges our beliefs about what is possible, he empowers us to defy perceived limitations, and he emboldens us to pursue our greatest goals and conquer our own mountains – in life and in business.

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Surviving a journey encompassing life and death, constant risk and endless perseverance, what’s even more remarkable, Daniel worked an office job by day and climbed mountain peaks at night to accomplish his quest unsponsored. He now shares his hard-earned lessons and practical strategies that empower leaders and teams from all industries to be more resilient, optimistic and fulfilledDaniel delivers his actionable insights with humility and big heartedness, providing a sensory experience that engages and resonates with diverse audiences.

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Daniel brings the rare combination of having worked in the corporate world to fund his expeditions and has the ability to tailor his messages to the specific challenges facing your organisation right now, proving extremely powerful in not just reshaping your audience’s attitudes but their outlook on life. Daniel is getting rave reviews for his purpose-built presentations on:


Boosting Resilience And Achieving The Impossible

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from tough experiences instead of giving up, going beyond what we thought possible. When you have experienced failure or are going through a difficult time, it can be challenging to be resilient and dedicated enough to keep going in the direction of your goals. As an in-demand international speaker on resilience, Daniel is very aware of these challenges and uses his own stories of failure and personal setbacks to unpack strategies for redefining failure as an opportunity for growth, boosting our resilience and thriving under pressure.

When the stakes are high and we’re confronted with hardships, how do we maintain our motivation and focus to progress towards reaching our goal? According to Daniel, by believing that we can all accomplish great feats in the face of overwhelming obstacles, learn from our mistakes, and bounce back from failures. To convey these points, inspirational motivational speaker Daniel shares his stories about how to practice resilience in tough times and rise to the challenges in front of you. Illustrated by his most recent expeditions to the top of the world’s highest volcano, Ojos del Salado, situated high within the Atacama Desert in the Andes, which is compared to Mars due to its other-worldly landscape, Daniel shows audiences how to push past mental and physical barriers, explore innate strengths, persevere through setbacks and develop resilience and grit in the process.

What It Takes To Reach The Top

Through a detailed presentation of his personal journey, resilience speakerDaniel inspires and uplifts audiences to achieve their goals. As one of the top motivational speakers, Daniel brings his audience with him in a heartwarming recount of his struggle to achieve his goal to climb the tallest mountains in the world. As a child with severe chronic asthma, Daniel had an intense fear of not being able to breathe properly. However, despite these setbacks and fears, Daniel pushed past his obstacles and successfully climbed the tallest mountain and volcano on every continent on the planet, becoming the first Australian and youngest person on the planet to do this. Through his personal experiences, Daniel proves that anyone can achieve the seemingly impossible.

In his role as a resilience speaker, Daniel uses his life experiences to prove to his audience that anyone can overcome the odds. Anyone can move past the obstacles that hold them back, whether it be self-doubt or personal setbacks, to achieve their goals. Through a presentation that focuses on how to achieve resilience by illustrating his most challenging adventures and how he overcame the obstacles that came with them, Daniel reveals key information to his audience. Daniel reveals that according to him, what it takes to succeed is very simple; to have a clear vision of your goals, to adopt the right mindset, and to prepare meticulously. 

Speaking from personal experience, Daniel does not believe that any goal or ambition is truly impossible. Once someone learns to challenge themselves, embrace risks, persist against adversity, and adopt the right mindset, anything is possible. By taking his audience through key themes in his mindset such as Dealing with the Unexpected and Making the Impossible Possible, Daniel’s riveting presentations empower his audience to chase their ambitions and turn their goals into realities.

Mastering Change And Overcoming Adversity

Daniel has survived the harshest environments on the planet, from ever-shifting glaciers to dense jungle and remote deserts. These vastly different terrains do have something in common: they are constantly in flux, making them all extremely difficult and dangerous to navigate. As a change management keynote speaker, Daniel shares his insights on what it takes to succeed where change and uncertainty are inevitable. In this presentation, Daniel shares that the best way to adapt to and thrive during periods of change is by maintaining a clear vision, seeing change as an opportunity rather than a threat, adopting the best mindset to deal with the unknown, and planning and preparing meticulously. Through his unlikely ascent of arguably the world’s most dangerous climb – the infamous North Face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps – nicknamed the ‘Murder Wall’, Daniel, a motivational speaker in Australia, demonstrates first-hand how anyone, confronted with insurmountable odds (and in his case the “point of no return”), can overcome adversity, conquer self-doubt and move past setbacks.

Embracing Risk And Thriving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The business world and the highest mountains in the world have one thing in common; it is impossible to avoid risk. As a top international keynote speaker Daniel uses his impactful keynote presentations to bring his audiences along with him as he details his adventures and challenges to inspire and propel them to move beyond their own comfort zones

He takes audiences through his own epic journey, from being a very cautious young person suffering from severe childhood asthma to the thin air of the highest peaks around the globe.

Our world is in a state of flux, constantly changing around us, and taking risks is necessary to achieve our goals. In this landscape, fear can often be a barrier to our greatest opportunities. Daniel shares how he dealt with fear – moving through it to reach the other side – again and again! Daniel explores and emphasises the value in aiming high and setting big goals, revealing to his audiences how to find the courage within themselves to step outside comfort zones and embrace big risks.


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"Absolutely amazing presentation, story and feat. Very inspiring and looking forward to climbing my first mountain"
"We've just listened to Daniel's presentation tonight and I've gotta tell you that it was absolutely fantastic"
"You really achieved a lot for us tonight as a group and I want to personally thank you for being the speaker that you are"
"Fascinating & inspiring! He had me captivated as soon as he started speaking. Thank you!"
"Daniel has the ability to break down the extraordinary and make it applicable to our every day lives and challenges."
"Daniel is an inspiration, with such a strong growth mindset he has achieved what most of us would not dare to try."
"Highly recommend listening to his amazing story, it may just give you the motivation needed to chase your dreams and make it happen!"
"Truly outstanding! Not only did Daniel reach these incredible heights, but he has inspired and challenged us to do the same!"
"Immediately grabbed everyone's undivided, awestruck attention. Engaging and eye-opening."
"Speaking at our annual conference this year, Daniel was the best motivational talk I have heard. The first motivational speaker I could really relate to."
"I was on the edge of my seat throughout his presentation and highly recommend Daniel to speak at any corporate event!"
"Daniel was an audience favorite and contributed significantly to the success of both our events. Awesome! "
"The audience loved his solid takeaways that everyone can benefit from, in their everyday professional and personal lives."
"In the words of our attendees: extraordinary speaker, incredibly engaging, absolutely inspiring, brilliant, and informative!"
"After the presentation, Daniel was kind enough to engage in conversations. He is truly interested in inspiring and motivating others."
"We highly recommend Daniel to businesses looking for ways to enhance staff engagement and re-frame objectives."

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