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Hire Adventure Speaker Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Adventure speakers can be amazing guests to invite to your events to inspire your audience and convey a strong message. Having gone on extreme adventures and survived high-risk situations, adventure speakers speak from places of personal experience, which provide strong foundations for their messages and allow their audience to connect more deeply with their points. Unlike traditional motivational speakers, adventure speakers typically have a larger focus on risk-taking, overcoming adversity, and achieving big goals. This is why you should hire adventure speakers for your next event.  The world we live in today is unpredictable and constantly in flux, which is very similar to the ever-changing, dangerous terrain many adventure speakers have overcome. In order to succeed and reach your goals in this uncertain time, many people may find it extremely advantageous to apply an adventurer’s perspective. Daniel Bull, adventure speaker and holder of three world records including Youngest Person to Climb the Highest Mountain and Volcano on each continent, is one person who believes that the adventurer’s perspective can be extremely valuable. In Daniel’s mind, this perspective can be quickly summed up in three components:


Hire Adventure Speaker Having a vision

According to Daniel, the first step to achieving your goals in life is to have a clear vision of what it is you want to achieve. In an adventurer’s context, this refers to clarifying your end goal; for example, I want to climb to the summit of the tallest mountain in the world by the end of the year. In Daniel’s case, he had multiple goals; ‘I want to climb Mt. Everest’, for instance, was a childhood dream, and once he achieved it he moved on to bigger goals. Visualising your goal clearly, with as much detail as you possibly can, makes it much easier to understand what you need to do to get there. It is also helpful when you find yourself facing a challenge or attempting to bounce back from failure. Having a clear goal in mind makes it easier to refocus on your goals and remember what you are trying to achieve.  This concept can be very easily applied to less extreme goals in your audience’s daily life. Any personal, community, or business goal must start by being visualised and clarified. By explaining this point using large, easily understood goals and accomplishments such as climbing a mountain or breaking a world record, the audience is able to easily understand and be inspired by the speaker, pushing them to be more likely to apply these concepts in their daily lives. Thus, if you hire adventure speakers for your events, they will be able to use immersive large-scale examples and ambitions to inspire your audience to set their own goals.


Hire Adventure Speaker Australia Ocean view

Hiring adventure speakers is one of the best ways to inspire audiences to self-reflect, as one of the biggest obstacles to your goals is having a negative mindset. When Daniel was a child, he suffered from severe chronic asthma which resulted in a fear of not being able to breathe properly and an onset of self-doubt. In order to accomplish his goals and overcome the obstacles in his life, Daniel had to completely rework his mindset. By focusing on setbacks and changes in his life as opportunities for growth and learning rather than complete failures, cultivating resilience and self-confidence, embracing risks, and maintaining focus on his goals, Daniel pushed past his self-doubt and mental and physical barriers to achieve his goals multiple times over.  Much like in adventure expeditions, in your personal and business life negative mindsets can get in the way of achieving your goals. By altering your focus to the ways you can benefit from the negative experiences in your life and looking for new opportunities to take risks on, you can push yourself closer to success. Daniel places a strong emphasis on bouncing back from mistakes and taking risks, which is made all the more powerful when framed against his dangerous expeditions through treacherous terrain and all manner of dangerous conditions. By witnessing the mental work that goes into the highest level of physical and mental human achievement, your audiences are exposed to key insights into success that they can apply to their personal lives.


Hire adventure speaker Overcoming obstacles

While visualising your goals and putting in the mental and emotional work is a large part of achieving your goals, nothing can be done without real, physical and organisational preparation. When Daniel was preparing for the climbs he needed to achieve his goal, or for swimming at the highest altitude in the world, he went through intense physical training to accustom his body to high altitudes, physical strain, and extreme fatigue. He needed to organise each part of the climbs; food supplies, medical supplies, a guide for unfamiliar terrain where possible, and countless other logistical aspects that were required for him to achieve his goals safely. Without this preparation, he ran the risk of not being able to complete his goals, becoming injured, or – in the worst case – not surviving at all. This preparation has saved him countless times as he pushed his body to the limit, from extreme altitudes, injuries, and hypothermia, among others. When placed in the context of high-risk, highly dangerous activities such as extreme altitude mountain climbing and adventuring, the importance of physical and organisational preparation is even more obvious. Again, this is applicable to every goal you could set. It is integral to ensure you are physically and organisationally prepared for the goals you are setting before you attempt to undertake them, else risking failure. Watching Daniel go through intense training and preparation is an amazing motivator for audiences to start the comparatively less intense preparation needed for the majority of their goals. Once again, if you hire adventure speakers for your events, you’ll find that their experiences can be even more effective as motivational tools than you ever expected.


Hiring adventure speaker Inspirational Motivational Speaker

By inviting adventurers to speak at your events, you will expose your audiences to inspirational stories and adventure thinking that encourages them to seek out challenges and experience growth. Applying an adventuring mentality to everyday life goals and ambitions influences your audience to take on bigger risks and turn the impossible into the achievable. It encourages clear visualisation of your goals, adopting a positive and productive mindset, and preparing physically and organisationally for your goals in order to achieve them. At the end of the day, speakers such as Daniel Bull provide audiences with an example of the best of what humankind can achieve. They make people believe that anything is possible if you prepare, stay focused, and never give up. Looking for an adventure speaker to invite to your event? Daniel Bull is one of the most engaging, captivating, and highly sought-after motivational speakers in Australia. He speaks to and inspires a wide range of audiences, from boardroom corporates to schoolchildren, as he tells the stories of his obstacles and successes, culminating in his three world records and countless achievements. If you would like to book Daniel for your next event, contact us here.

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